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The Superpowers Institute

The Superpowers Institute was founded by Sociologist, Gretchen Sortzi. It is a safe haven for others to find peace, happiness and growth in areas of their life they didn't imagine possible. This institute makes dreams come true and the only goal is to help YOU get more of what YOU want. We offer online personal and professional development classes, dynamic keynote presentations and a plethora of other services to meet your spiritual, metal and emotional well-being. Release your inner superhero today and watch your life shift, expand and prosper.

"I recently heard Gretchen Sortzi’s presentation: “Improve Yourself From the Inside Out” while attending an MPI educational session. Ms. Sortzi gave a thorough explanation of the psychology of “positive thinking” and suggested practical behaviors, right down to our daily routines, that can help create a healthy, productive mind-set.  Her comments were humorous at times, but based on real life experiences and the thoughts of well-known experts and philosophers."

"I have been in the hospitality and meetings industry for over twenty-five years and have heard many speakers on this subject, all are entertaining, and some give good advice, but Gretchen gave more specific steps and more practical advice than any of them."

~Frank Nolan Convention Sales Manager, Valley Forge Convention Center
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