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Gretchen Sortzi is the founder and CEO of The Superpowers Institute. She believes that within us all is an innate set of Superpowers. For many of us they lie dormant to the magic they are waiting to wield. When you discover what they are, how to use them and what ability you can possess, you will never be the same.

As a Sociologist, Teacher and Entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience, Gretchen has helped countless clients achieve their goals with her innovative programs and witty, practical curriculum. An International Ted/Ex presenter, she is a dynamic motivational speaker praised by audiences large and small, led by a passion to change the lives of others.

A published author and respected educator, she teaches us how to find fulfillment in life with easy and applicable techniques as she knows first-hand the challenges we encounter daily to achieve our goals. She is a single mom and has herself overcome eating disorders, addictions and severe depression.

To book Gretchen, become a student, or inquire about any of her services, please follow the provided links on this website or submit a contact form.

Her education, experience and wisdom have helped change the lives of thousands and she looks forward to working with you.

“Knowledge is power, Let’s tap into yours!”
~Gretchen Sortzi

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Joyce has been influencing the lives of others for over thirty years as an entrepreneur and business owner of six successful fitness franchises along the east coast. Specializing in accounting, organizational management and operations administration she is anxious to serve your student needs.

Daijon brings 13 years’ experience in customer service, client management and administrative support. Handling many of the day to day needs of our instructor and students, she is ready to help in any way she can.

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Gretchen Sortzi

Creator & Founder

Sociologist, Teacher, Speaker, Author

Gretchen Sortzi created The Superpowers Institute with one goal in mind; helping others get more of what they want. She brings innovative curriculum and dynamic presentations that educates learners on a spiritual, mental, emotional and physical level. 

The Superpowers Institute centers on the idea that awareness is everything and Gretchen's witty delivery will bring a message to learn and grow from the moment you leave the room.