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~I was first introduced to Gretchen when she presented to all of the 400+ employees at work. She talked about lifestyles. Her delivery was really good. Years later, I asked if she would present to my Church Sunday School Class. Again, I was blown away. I think about what she shared often. She uplifted me in a way I've never experienced. Gretchen has a message that everyone needs to hear."

~Karen R.

~Gretchen's 45 minute talk to our Sunday School Class was inspiring and uplifting. She clearly knew her content deeply. She shared insights about living a healthy lifestyle that ultimately glorifies God."

"WOW! Gretchen sure knows her stuff. She shared several interesting facts about how amazing our bodies are and how we can use our bodies to lift up others. I could have listened to her all day!"

"Gretchen shared the struggles she had in her life and how she overcame these struggles. She encouraged me because I have had some low points in my live. Her message was powerful."

"What a presenter! She simulated a sedentary day in the life of most people. I've thought about this many times. I'd love to have her share her message with others."
"I would like to say that during our PAEOP conference last week I loved your workshop on “Boosting Energy & Relieving Stress at Work!”  Your presentation and enthusiasm about health and well-being were enjoyed by all who attended. I’m so glad I chose your workshop!  I gained a lot of information and I’m trying to digest it all from the quick notes I took.  Thanks again for your wonderful presentation and your words of encouragement for all of us who sit behind a desk for 8 hours a day!"
~Karen S.

"Excellent presenter! Full of energy – kept everyone actively involved – good eye contact! "

"She was awesome! "

"Gretchen was fabulous! Excellent session. Would like her to visit my school."

"Great way to start off the day! Excellent session! "

"I really enjoyed Gretchen. Very enthusiastic about her topic. "

"Full of energy. Very informative and motivational. "

"Gretchen was an amazing presenter – could have spent another one-and-a-half hours with her. Thoroughly enjoyed her and her presentation. She has motivated me! "

"Very good session. Great information was shared. "

"Would like to hear one of her other sessions! "

"Gretchen has a great sense of humor. A great speaker. 11. Great! 12. She was great – very energetic – very much kept our attention. "

"Gretchen Sortzi is a dynamic speaker that can motivate any audience to find the good in themselves. Every presentation I have witnessed gives me the feeling as though she is speaking directly to me. After hearing her speak, I am ready to take on the world; ready to make a change in my life."
~Aaron C.


"I'd describe my old self as "enough".  I was happy...enough.  I was fit...enough.  I was comfortable in my own skin...enough.  But since when did I start settling for enough?  When did my best become replaced with just enough?  I can't pin-point the exact day I decided to start down this slippery-slope.  I think it happened slowly over time.  Time spent choosing comfort over effort, choosing laziness over discipline.  Then one day I met Gretchen Sortzi.  She was speaking at a meeting I attended, and I was immediately drawn in.  Her words lit a fire in me.  I knew it was time to stop making excuses, and start making changes.  Gretchen pushed me to work harder than ever, to reach goals I once thought were impossible.  I quickly noticed the changes in my body.  But perhaps even more important, were the changes being made in my thought life.  Gretchen taught me that the source of joy begins with gratitude.  It's a lesson I've carried with me ever since, and have used almost every single day.  Life gets messy.  Life can be unfair.  Life can be downright tough.  But we can conquer adversity by remembering to start every day with choosing joy."
~Bethany R.

"After spending a little over twenty years burying my pain and anger in an internal lock box, Gretchen provided the crowbar necessary to pry it open. She helped me sort through all of the grief that had been preventing me from allowing me to be my true self. I am more positive in my thinking. I use the techniques from Gretchen to stop myself from tumbling back down into that dark box. I am genuinely happy more often than I've ever been before. When I start to feel that the darkness is trying to hide me again, I just spend a little time in my "mind palace," and I can go back to shining."

~Sara Beth T.

"We wanted to thank you for coming to our event Tuesday evening.  That can be a tough crowd and you not only held their interest but gave them some great easy tips for staying healthy.  Your support for our program is so appreciated."

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